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About Mario

Mario Haynes was born and bred to be a Southern gentlemen in Ellaville,  GA, ( current NYC Hipster intellectual  jokester )but his soul was always destined for the city lights of New York City. After graduating from the University of Georgia with degrees in Theatre and African- American Studies, Mario moved to NYC for a year and a half before starting graduate school at the American Repertory Theatre / Moscow Art Theatre School Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University. Mario committed a great deal of his time growing up being of service to others as a young man; such as volunteering in the 4-H Club, being a mentor in Big Brother programs, and Hospice volunteering. Mario believes that actors provide a service to the public also, and is interested in examining the human condition with his work.

Like many artists from Georgia, Mario grew up singing in a gospel choir, however his current repertoire of songs ranges from gospel to pop to R & B to Broadway standards. Ever eclectic and full of diverse interests; Mario is a true "film buff" and enjoys all conversations about cinema and television also. Mario owes a great deal of his success to his grandmother, and ultimately his entire family for their support, love, and "Southern Fried" sense of humor. Since graduation from the MFA Acting program at Harvard, Mario is now based out of NYC - with his very impressive collection of rare "Criterion Collection" movies, HBO drama series, and "The Simpsons" DVDs.